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Young people often find roommates are convenient partners to share costs in their first homes. Roommates often share rent, utility bills and certain possessions. They occupy and take care of the same safe. Yet, each party’s renters insurance needs remain separate entities. READ MORE >>

Life insurance can provide you with a number of benefits. Though it pays a death benefit to your loved ones, it can play a role in your financial health now, too. The key is to choose the right policy for your needs. Consider a few of the best advantages to purchasing life insurance. #1: It Pays for Final Costs READ MORE >>

Imagine what happens when the power goes off. Instantly, your refrigerator cannot keep food cold. Your home’s heating and cooling system cannot work. The sump pump in the basement cannot run. These are all risks. And, they can raise the risk of you having to file a home insurance claim. READ MORE >>

Buzzed driving occurs when a person drives after consuming alcohol but is not necessarily intoxicated. An individual consumes some alcohol, which could cause some level of impairment. Some drivers are still at a high risk of causing an accident in these situations. When should you stop drinking if you plan to drive? READ MORE >>

You won’t own the home or apartment you rent. That belongs to the property owner. However, you’ll own your possessions in the home. Those items need protection. If you have renters insurance, the good news is you’ll probably have possessions coverage. READ MORE >>

When you hear about life insurance, you might not exactly know what it’s good for. Your family is financially secure. You don’t anticipate an early death. What are the financial benefits this coverage can provide for you? Don’t let your own security fool you. READ MORE >>

Wind can be powerful. Even if you do not live near the ocean or plains, it can cause damage to your home.  The roof is highly susceptible to such damage. In a flash, your roof shingles may no longer be present. You may even see the roof lift off the structure. This type of damage is very destructive. READ MORE >>

Louisiana has plenty of scenic beauty. Yet, the bayous, Mississippi River delta and longleaf pine forests are part of a state which still retains a lot of rural isolation. In many ways, this adds to the Pelican State’s attraction to tourist drivers. READ MORE >>

Renting a home means making a place to live for your entire family. If this includes a pet, you need to take their needs into account just as much as anyone else’s.  In many cases, you have to disclose to landlords whether you own animals. Doing so allows property owners to take steps to safeguard the property from pet damage. READ MORE >>

No parent wants to face the prospect of dying while their children are young. However, it can happen. Responsible parents will make sure children can receive care if the worst strikes. Giving your child a strong financial future through life insurance is one way to do so. READ MORE >>

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